Letter to the Editor at Potrero View

This letter was written in response to the October article on the 1601 Mariposa Project. 

Dear Editor,

Thank you for the article 1601 Mariposa Street to Undergo Environmental Impact Review in the October edition. 

Related California says that in response to neighborhood concerns they have “offered” to undertake a FOCUSED environmental Impact review, one that would be limited in scope.   While The View portrays this offer in their article as very generous, it is a fact that the type and scope of the environmental review performed at 1601 Mariposa is not up to Related to decide, to influence or to offer. 

The requirements for reviewing impacts at 1601 Mariposa will be mandated by San Francisco's Planning Department. 

In the October article, Mr. Westberg from Related California claims that hazardous materials at the property do not pose any danger, despite substantive risks identified in their own initial studies.  Mr. Westberg seems willing to take the risk of exposing nei

ghbors and students at Live Oak, ISA and Kipps to asbestos, benzene and other materials. This risk is NOT Mr. Westberg's to evaluate.  Again, as with the environmental impact review, it is the responsibility of the Planning Department to identify all risks before any construction begins at 1601 Mariposa as well as to determine as whether or not these risks can be mitigated. In fact, known and documented hazardous risks from underground tanks led the San Francisco Department of Public Health in 1998 to issue a certification limiting 1601 Mariposa Street to commercial use until additional environmental analysis proved beyond a doubt the site’s safety for any other type of development -- including residential use. To date, there are no final studies indicating that the 1601 Mariposa site does not pose potentially serious health and safety risks.

A full EIR provides comprehensive and forewarning (or cautionary) information about a building site.  It covers not only what can be seen from above ground like traffic, but also what can be seen below ground.  Any developer, who advocates for less than a full EIR for 1601 Mariposa, demonstrates poor ethics and a severe lack of concern for the community.  Related California and its team of executives are knowledgeable and experienced about building policies.  The company's “offer” to perform a focused EIR, is underhanded behavior that is being used to misinform our community. 

Join Grow Potrero Responsibly to let Supervisor Malia Cohen and San Francisco City Planning know that Related California's development plans for 1601 Mariposa must be stopped.  We’ve posted more information and our petition to stop the project, at GrowPotreroResponsibly.com