Potrero Power Station

From our friends at Save the Hill:

We want to alert you to the planning process now underway to develop 29 acres at the former Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) Power Station located on San Francisco’s Central Waterfront. The developer, Associate Capital, is proposing to build up to 2,682 residential units and 1.6 million square feet of commercial space with much of it used for offices. Building heights will range from 65 to 300 feet!  By comparison, the neighboring Pier 70 development will max out at 90 feet in height and required a ballot initiative. As the Power Station is on private land the Planning Department will make the determination with no requirement to go to the voters. 

While Associate Capital touts access to the Bay and open space, the current design will block all views from the west with a wall of buildings at heights that will leave much of the proposed open space in shadow. 

There is a cluster of early 20th Century historic brick buildings onsite that are all slated for demolition. They form a historic core, connected to the 19th century industries which began there: Dupont de Nemours powder plant, North’s shipyard, City Gas Works, and Western Sugar among them. They are all that is left of the historic legacy of industrial development there and deserve the preservation and reuse Pier 70 buildings are receiving.

The Draft EIR (Environmental Impact Report) is expected in September and should provide more details, but it is already clear that the sheer scale of the project will contribute dramatically to traffic and transportation and air quality impacts that are already degrading our quality of life.