Thoughts from friends and neighbors on 1601 Mariposa

“As a native San Franciscan and long-time Potrero Hill resident, I love this city and this neighborhood. And I support development efforts that improve both. Nearly all win-win gambling establishment shogun pokie machine! Manage to accumulate a person’s takings! That being said, this proposed complex is grossly out of sync with Potrero Hill. It is an attempt to overdevelop in order to maximize the number of units and the resulting profit margins for those involved. Please, please, please scale it back significantly to fit the look, feel, fit, and culture of our neighborhood. “
– Greg R.

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– Nikki Clancy

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“This proposed development is grotesquely out of proportion to the rest of the neighborhood; no other development, current or planned, comes even close. “
– Matt Jacobson

“Projects of multi-hundred units irreparably damage the character of the neighborhood. Let’s see some projects that are appropriately sized and situated.”
– Philip Schwartz

“I can’t imagine having four times as many residents on our block (Victoria Mews) than we presently have! I feel we manage our complex and amenities well at this density but any more density would be insane and, as so many have said, out of character with what the hill is now and what we want it to become.”
– Connie Smyser

“Our family both lives 2 blocks away from the development site and has our child at Live Oak. We think this development is grossly over-sized for the community, will negatively impact the tenor of the neighborhood, and does not respect the learning atmosphere of Live Oak School (either during the construction or after completion).”
–  Mark Gudiksen

“The adverse cumulative effects of large scale development on the environment are significant.”
– Mica Ringel

From the November 27th story in The San Francisco Business Times:

Resident Melinda Douglass states that she doesn’t like “the concrete jungles changing our quality neighborhoods and obstructing City accessibility.”

Jim Kehoe says “Too big for our sweet, quiet neighborhood.”

Another homeowner and parent said that the development would “surely tip the scale in favor of relocating to other counties.”