1601 Mariposa Update

Workers will be digging trenches for building footings between 2/12/18 and 4/30/18. This will generate approximately 3000 cubic yards of lead-contaminated soil, with approximately 150 trucks entering and exiting the site on 18th Street to off-haul the soil. Almost all win-win on line casino shogun pokie machine! Seem to collect the takings!

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• Controlling dust by spraying water on exposed soil
• Cleaning trucks and wheels of soil and mud before leaving site
• Following specific transportation routes
• Stopping excavation when it’s windy
• Washing streets and sidewalks regularly

Note that you always can contact Nick Vanderboom, Senior VP of Related (phone: 415-653-3162 / 213-300-1786, email: NVanderboom@Related.com) and/or Tom Lanphar from DTSC (phone: 510-540-3776, email: tom.Lanphar@dtsc.ca.gov) with any immediate concerns.

Open Space is mandated by the Eastern Neighborhoods Plan

According to the Eastern Neighborhood Plan and the Showplace Square Open Space Plan developed by the San Francisco Planning Department:

“Showplace Square’s history as an almost exclusively industrial area has meant that this
area has comparatively little access to open space as compared with the rest of the
city. The conversion of portions of this area for residential and mixed use development
and consequent addition of new residents makes it imperative to provide more
open space to serve both existing and new residents, workers and visitors. Analysis reveals that a total of about 4.0 acres of new space should be provided in this area to
accommodate expected growth.
Thus, this Plan proposes providing at least one new
open space in the area, in addition to widened sidewalks with pocket parks and green
streets, and an increased private open space requirement.” (Page 51 ENP).

8. 1601 Mariposa Street (AB 4006 – ptn.) – Existing PDR Use
The parcel is located directly across Mariposa Street from Jackson Playground and adjacent to Live Oak School, and property supports an existing PDR use. Conversion of the site to open space would result in loss or relocation of the PDR use, which runs counter to the policies contained in the Showplace Square/Potrero Hill Area Plan. However, should the existing PDR use abandon the site, the City should consider acquisition to provide a substantial expansion to Jackson Playground. (Pg. 33 SSOSP)

See full Eastern Neighborhood plan

See full Showplace Square Open Space Plan