1601 Mariposa Update

Workers will be digging trenches for building footings between 2/12/18 and 4/30/18. This will generate approximately 3000 cubic yards of lead-contaminated soil, with approximately 150 trucks entering and exiting the site on 18th Street to off-haul the soil. Nearly all win-win gambling establishment shogun pokie machine! Have the ability to collect ones earnings!

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• Controlling dust by spraying water on exposed soil
• Cleaning trucks and wheels of soil and mud before leaving site
• Following specific transportation routes
• Stopping excavation when it’s windy
• Washing streets and sidewalks regularly

Note that you always can contact Nick Vanderboom, Senior VP of Related (phone: 415-653-3162 / 213-300-1786, email: NVanderboom@Related.com) and/or Tom Lanphar from DTSC (phone: 510-540-3776, email: tom.Lanphar@dtsc.ca.gov) with any immediate concerns.

Concerns at 1601 Mariposa and 790 Pennsylvania

Concerns at 1601 Mariposa

1- Density: The proposed project is 299 units. There is nothing this size comparable in the neighborhood. The adjacent streets and properties cannot support the traffic and parking congestion that would result from the number of new residents at this location.

2- Traffic: There are several intersections surrounding 1601 Mariposa where the traffic impacts cannot be mitigated and will result in deteriorated conditions. In addition, the traffic studies in the EIR should have been conducted over a longer period and while school is in session. The original EIR studied traffic on two days in June 2013 then a second traffic study was executed one day in August 2015. Both show very different results, thus making conclusions from the studies unreliable. The EIR also sites mitigations from new MTA bus routes, installation of traffic signals at Mariposa and Pennsylvania for the 280 ramp and the addition of marked pedestrian crossways. The Planning Commission should require all of the traffic mitigations to be in place prior to 1601 being permitted to start construction.

3- Massing: The proposed project design is comprised of several large “block” buildings. It is not similar to the character of the design of other buildings in Potrero. It spreads across the property instead of resembling the look of distinct buildings.

4- Cumulative Impacts: The Eastern Neighborhood Plan did not account for all additional housing happening at once and ten years earlier than planned. The current number of units proposed for Potrero Hill exceeds the plan. The cumulative impacts of the additional residents are not supported by parks, transportation and services mandated by the Eastern Neighborhood Plan.

5- The open public areas are largely cement pathways. The community has repeatedly voiced that there is a lack of green, open space in Potrero Hill. The design of the public areas should be landscaped with native plants and present an inviting neighborhood green space, not a cement/gravel pathway.

6- The separation between Live Oak School and the buildings is not 36 feet throughout the midblock passage and in some cases narrows to only 20 feet. The mid-block passage should be widened to 36 feet in all areas to respect the privacy of the students attending the school.

7- The community has a need for additional community meeting/recreation space. Jackson Park is overcrowded and there is not a place for adults to gather. A community space on 1601 Mariposa would provide benefit to both the residents of that development as well as neighbors.

8- More PDR and Commercial space to represent the character of the neighborhood. Potrero flourishes from diversity of residential and manufacturing facilities. Neighbors very much desire that the character of Potrero be incorporated at 1601 and more PDR and Commercial spaces are added.

Concerns at 790 Pennsylvania

1- The massing and poor design of the building is an extreme concern of Potrero Residents. The proposed project is one long building of 500 feet, nearly 100 feet tall, and no consideration has been given to respecting the design and character of the neighboring buildings.

2- The developer will not be providing any onsite affordable housing units as part of the project. This is ignoring a significant need of the community.

3- Providing a public stairway as a connector of Potrero Hill and Dogpatch on 22nd second street relies largely on funding from the City. The City has not committed funds to support this effort and the developer is using this as a way to garner support when in fact the addition of the stairway is very tentative.